Awards Banquet and Christmas Party

The Awards Banquet and Christmas Party was held at the King Harbor Seafood Restaurant in Garden Grove. It was great to see everyone dressed up for the awards and recognition. New belts were awarded to the students.

Pictured here are the Students of the Year, Fitzgerald Pate, Al Terrado, Jacqueline Blatt, and Erika Gonzales (not pictured). Competitors of the Year were Josh Mojica, Jenae Javier, Jerie Mae Ibale, and Blaze Villalon. Family of the Year, the Agura Family; Dela Cruz Family; Parent of the Year, Yvete Espiritu; Ramos Family. Academic Achievement Awards were also presented to a large group of students! Usually we have one Master and one Instructor of the Year but this year all of the Masters and Instructors were recognized and awarded for their dedication, and hard work for training the students at the Academy.

The food was fantastic – house special lobster, honey walnut shrimp, french style beef, house special fried chicken, sweet and sour fish, house special fried rice, seafood soup, fruit, and a special cake provided by Master Lai’s sister.

We also roasted Master Lai for his birthday with stories through the years of knowing him. A slideshow “Then and Now” chronicled the early beginnings from 1983 to present. Besides seeing Master Lai in his 20’s it was great to see the growth of students from white belts to where they are today.

Sr. Master Ron kept the party entertained with his outstanding MC skills, DJ Dre (Chief Instructor Andre Echave) and Master Mikey Lim kept the music going for the raffles, games and dancing. Thanks to our Instructor Team for organizing and setting up all the equipment at the party and to Sr. Master Perry for the wonderful DVD he created.

Thank you to all the parents, students, friends and family for your support and participation in making this such a wonderful and memorable event.

Go the the Photo Album to see all the pictures from the event.

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