About the School Emblem

Meaning behind the School Emblem
TAEGUEK: The Taeguek (the red and blue symbol) represents the origin of all things in the universe. It represents the beginning of everything. The two equal parts symbolize the theory of duality of exact opposites which exist within nature. For example, heaven and earth, hot and cold or light and darkness.

LAUREL LEAVES: The 14 laurel leaves represent the 14 Korean States and their peaceful coexistence. The 6 seeds indicate the world and represent the 6 continents.

FIST: The fist represents Taekwondo, Strength, and Justice.

TAEKWONDO: The banner at the bottom with the Chinese characters says “Taekwondo” in representation of our martial art.

SCHOOL NAME: “Yushen Lai’s Taekwondo Academy” the school name is shown to display, proudly the place from where we have obtained our training of the art of Taekwondo and out of respect for the instructors that have given us this gift. When all of these symbols are integrated into the emblem that we have come to recognize and remind us of our school and instructors, the total meaning becomes very unique, The emblem tells us that we are a small part of the thousands upon thousands of people throughout the world that have chosen and practice this art, it shows that although strength and supremacy is gained through the knowledge of Taekwondo, that it must only be used to defend and never to conquer.