Dojang Rules and Regulations

1. Bow to the international flags and the master and instructors as you enter and leave the dojang (academy) and when passing by Master Lai’s office. Bowing is an international natural body language. It shows respect for yourself and others; it is a form of communication.

2. Whenever you approach your instructor to address him/her, bow first and then speak to them politely. Please use: Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am, this shows proper respect.

3. If you arrive to class after it has begun, enter the dojang quietly, stay in the hallway, do 20 push-ups, then stand at attention or ready stance, wait for the instructor’s acknowledgment and places you in class. Do not leave class without the instructor’s permission.

4. The following are prohibited on the dojang training floor: Shoes, eating, drinking, chewing gum, intoxication, smoking, bad language, arguing, angry fighting and horse-playing.

5. Always wear a clean WTF uniform to class, and wear no jewelry.

6. Always keep the training floor clean. Help sweep the floor and clean the mirrors before each class.

7. Do not demonstrate or teach Taekwondo outside the dojang without the expressed permission of Master Lai. Never degrade Taekwondo or the reputation of the Academy.

8. All students age 6 to 17, are required to submit a copy of their report card as part of the application for belt rank promotion.