Tournament Production Services

  1. Preparing the Tournament Brochure.
  2. Entry of all competitor applications to the computer.
  3. Problem resolution with respect to competitor’s applications.
  4. Producing Competitor Cards, Master Badges, Coaches Pass, VIP Pass and Referee Badges.
  5. Conducting Weigh-In if required.
  6. Application of Automated Match Scheduling (AMS™) System for bracket sheets and competition cards for competitors using the computer software developed by Yushen Lai’s Tournament Production Team.
  7. Conducting Tournament Volunteer Training Seminar.
  8. Distribution of appropriate award certificates and participated schools appreciation letters.
  9. Provide all ring stands, walkie talkies with batteries to Ring Crew, bean bags, clip boards, stop watches, calculators.
  10. 2 sets of computers and 1 high speed laser printer for the production of the tournament.
  11. Provide California Taekwondo Schools mailing labels (self adhesive).
  12. The cost for the production services above is $10/per competitor.