Competitor Cards / How to Read

Competitor Cards

Competitor Cards will be distributed by the school representative who picked-up the school envelope in the morning on the day of the tournament.

This tournament is using the Automated Match Scheduling System (AMS). The AMS system will automatically generate the bracket based on the information provided by the COMPETITOR, such as rank, weight, age, gender and Taekwondo School etc., Each competitor will be assigned a bout number and a ring number so they will know approximately what time their match will be up. Therefore, no staging area will be needed. The AMS
system will also separate students from the same school if they are matched in the first match unless they are the only two in that particular division.

Each ring will display their own bout numbers in sequence as the match go on from small bout numbers to larger bout numbers.

The example below shows that Joshua Cabebe, his Sparring (Kyoroogi) was assigned Bout #25 & 27 and that he needs to report to his assigned ring #1 when Bout # 20 is displayed on a number stand in Ring 1. (Remember report to your own ring 5 bout numbers prior to your bout). For Forms (Poomsae), he was assigned in Group #2 and Ring 1. He needs to report to his ring when Group #2 was called by the announcer.
The example on the lower bottom is for a competitor who does not have any competitor matched in his rank, weight, age & gender so he will be an Uncontested Winner. Please read information below.


Uncontested Winner – No one has been matched within your rank, weight, age & gender for a match; however, you will be offered for an exhibition match possibly with a competitor in a different rank, weight, age & gender with the consent of your coach or your parent. Please report to the staging area after lunch if you prefer to have the exhibition match. If not please report to the Award table for a 1st place medal/trophy. All competitors in the exhibition matches will receive 1st place medal/trophy.

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